Michael Wheels Parise

wheelsarms25 year veteran comedian Michael Wheels Parise. Wheels has been the opening act for Andrew Dice Clay for over 20 years stemming from their Brooklyn days back at Pips Comedy Club on Emmons ave in Sheepheads Bay Brooklyn.

as well as numerous appearances on HBO, and Late Night Talk Shows. Wheels has starred in movies such as “Meet Wally Sparks” with Rodney Dangerfield as and “A Low Down Dirty Shame” with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Jada Pinkett Smith, just to name a few.

Wheels Also Costarred in a VH-! Reality Show called “Dice Undisputed” with Andrew Dice Clay in 2008. After spending 20 years in Hollywood California at the World Famous Comedy Store as a house favorite, he decided to make Las Vegas his new home with his family. Still having a passion for comedy and acting he decided to bring his act to Vegas and can be seen headlining all the clubs Las Vegas as well as all over the country.michael-wheels-parise Follow Wheels on Twitter. @Wheelslive

Wheels and Dice are  getting ready to go on tour through out the country! Make sure and check for updates on the “Rollin with Dice and Wheels” Tour! Rollin to your city…

  1. man, after listening to the rollin w/ dice and wheels podcast i have learned 2 things : one, the dice man has never lost his edge and or humor man…as a matter of fact i think he is even funnier now!!! : second, now we have the most awesome sidekick ever to hit the comedy/podcast scene…..he is the perfect comedic accompinament to the diceman. and now that i have researched “wheels” comedy history a bit…wow….he is one hell of a comic himself!!!!……..it is a win win for sure for anybody into comedy……..thanks guys!!!!….now for the road tour!!!!!!!!!……….peace, bri…………

  2. Jennifer Marciano says:

    Hey Michael,
    You must of been born out of your mothers ass because you are the shit! LOL love your work truly do and why are you single?
    Do you like it? I know I liked being single, I still am in a weird kind away I sleep in my own room & been celibate for 10 years because he’s out sleeping with everyone else it’s a firefighter thing LOL! Lucky for him I’m not the typical Italian jealous woman are you laughing yet? I have heard you are truly a man with a good soul.
    And I think you are very handsome man
    Keep up the good work! I want to think you play and all the other comedians that brighten my day. God bless

  3. Jennifer Marciano says:

    Sorry for the typos I meant to say I think you are a very handsome man and I want to thank U for making me laugh and brighten my day! You are going far my friend so enjoy the ride

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