Andrew Dice Clay

031413vinylandrewdice542x480finAndrew Dice Clay is proud to be America’s most controversial comedian of all time . Having SOLD OUT hundreds of Sports Arenas from coast to coast, starred in feature films, HBO specials and released a string of multi-gold and platinum selling albums; DICE remains The Undisputed Heavyweight King of Comedy. After Just guest starring on the final season of HBO’s ENTOURAGE and starting his concert tour @MCU Park in Brooklyn on OCTOBER 1st “Life can’t get much better then this” say’s the born and raised Brooklyn native.Andrew 'Dice' Clay

  1. colette says:

    Hi old friend, It’s Colette (one of the #1 fans) I’m so happy to see that u are doing good! Since I credit you with changing my life as a young shy 18 year old girl who went to Vegas just to meet with u! Lol that brings back so many good memories! Anyway Just wanted to drop u line.take care love! 🙂

  2. rollin with dice and wheels is a serious breath of fresh air in the overcrowded, boring, uninteresting, rather be having dental surgery type of podcasts that i have been hearing lately. i am worried it is getting overcrowded with bullshit, but as usual the cream always rises to the top…….and rollin with dice and wheels is most definitely the freakin cream man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………thanx for the laughs while i am in my boring as office job everyday!!!!!………..peace, Brian Domijan

  3. Bender says:

    I am putting you in my Will to send me off when I die (Don’t worry, I’ll pay you HA). I laughed myself to sleep with you blaring out of my headphones when I was 9 (1988). Now, nobody fucks with me, I do Fucking ahhhweebahhgeee!!

  4. Alton McDaniel says:

    Andrew just want to tell you how the day the laughter died got me over my divorce in 1989 , it really cheered me up and I said fuck that bitch and i got over it in a couple months , thank you man. I listen to Rollin’, and it’s like I’m young again. You are very therapeutic, like a guru or something.

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